Game CoLab Incubator


The Game CoLab Incubator Program is a hands-on, action-based learning program helping game development company founders and teams with innovative and disruptive ideas turn concepts into market ready products.

Game developers and entrepreneurs are given space to work, take part in classes, take advantage of “office hours” with faculty and mentors, and have the opportunity to attend regular networking, demonstrations and pitch events.

The program offers technical knowledge on product development, building a team, learning from customers, refining business models, and raising capital; all in an environment that allows would-be entrepreneurs to build self-belief and flourish.

The incubator curriculum includes a heavy emphasis on mentorship and connecting teams with area specific advisors to increase chances of success. Success for the teams is defined as launching a product and company. Ultimate success for them will be to make revenue and acquire funding for their venture.

What Teams Get

Here is what you get when you join the Game CoLab Incubator. Big picture, you get an environment where you can focus on development and get support for all the gaps you and your team may have. More tangibly, this includes:

  • The freedom to make games you want to make

  • Direction from a world class roster of mentors

  • Potential funding based on agreed milestones

  • Public relations and marketing support

  • Direct support from the Game CoLab Incubator Business Intelligence team

  • Shared work space (with desks, meeting rooms, etc.)

  • Free WiFi

  • The founders’ time and effort in opening doors for you with investors and partners

  • Complete control of your IP once you spin out

What Game CoLab Gets

To participate in the program, teams will be giving up a mixture of revenue on the project and, if it makes sense, equity in the spin-off company.

Revenue Sharing

For teams that spin-off, any net revenues that are generated before you spin out and for one year after you spin are shared with the Game CoLab. Net revenues are defined as: revenues less platform tax less user acquisition costs.

Equity Stake

We will agree with you upon an equity stake in your company before starting the program.

Who Should Apply

If you have a marketable game idea and the burning desire to create a sustainable company but need access to resources and moral support, and if you live in the greater Phoenix area or are willing to relocate here, we encourage you to apply for the Game CoLab Incubator Program. The program will run for six months, but applications are accepted year round. We use the startup community website, F6S, to manage the applications.